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  • Hauptmärkte: Amerikas , Asien , Europa
  • Exporteur:91% - 100%
  • Zert:ISO9001, CE, Test Report
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Knee Type Milling Machine - Hersteller, Fabrik, Lieferant aus China

Wir sind spezialisiert {Keywords} Hersteller & Lieferanten / Fabrik aus China. Großhandel {Keywords} mit hoher Qualität als niedriger Preis / billig, eine der {Keywords} führenden Marken aus China, WEISS MACHINERY CO., LTD..
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Roller Machine W11F 2x1000 W11F 4x1000
  • Modell: W11F 2x1000 ~ W11F 4x1000
  • Transport: Ocean,Land,Air
  • Max. Thickness (mm): 1.2 Mm 1.2mm 1.5 Mm 2 Mm
  • Max. Width (mm): 750 Mm 1530 Mm 1270 Mm 1000 Mm
  • Yield Limit (mpa): 245 Mm 245 Mm 245 Mm 245 Mm

Tag: The Gears of the Down Rollers , The Side Roll for Take off , Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Features: Asymmetric 3-roller structure, the upper is the main drive, the down rollers take-off and landing exercise in order to clamp plate, through the gears of the down rollers and upper roll meshing at the same time as the main transmission; The...

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Shearing Machine Strokes per minute
  • Modell: Q11 4X2000 6X2500
  • Transport: Ocean,Land,Air
  • Shearing Thickness: 4 Mm 4 Mm 4 Mm 6 Mm 6 Mm
  • Shearing Width (mm): 2000 Mm 2500 Mm 3200 Mm 2000 Mm 2500 Mm
  • Shearing Angle (°): 1°30′ 1°30′ 1°18′ 1°45′ 1°45′

Tag: Equipped with Rotary Key Clutch , Low Maintenance and Long Service Life , Bowing and Twist of the Material

FEATURES: Single-side open-type mechanical down driving system with safety stability, compact construction,ease of operation and modern appearance.Equipped with rotary-key clutch, it can be sensitive operated with Iow noise, low maintenance and long...

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Shearing Machine GES-1300  GES-2500A
  • Modell: GES-1300 ~ GES-2500A
  • Transport: Ocean,Land,Air
  • Shearing Thickness: 3.5 Mm 3.2 Mm 3.2 Mm 2.5 Mm 3.2 Mm
  • Shearing Width (mm): 1300 Mm 1500 Mm 2000 Mm 2500 Mm 2500 Mm
  • Shearing Angle (°): 1°30′ 1°30′ 1°45′ 1° 1°18′

Tag: Equipment of Metal Sheet , Nonferrous Metal Sheet , Provides Quiet Instantenous Engagment

FEATURES: Brakemotor driven through a shaft-mounted speed reduction unit and controlled by a selector switch for single or continuous strokes, provides quiet instantenous engagment.Different from the traditional driving method of mechanical...

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Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine
  • Modell: WC67Y 25x1600 300x5000
  • Transport: Ocean,Land,Air
  • Normal Pressure (Kn): 250 Kn 250 Kn 250 Kn 400 Kn
  • Working Table Length(mm): 1600 Mm 2000 Mm 2500 Mm 2000 Mm
  • Distance Between Housing: 1190 Mm 1590 Mm 2090 Mm 1590 Mm

Tag: Hydraulic Profile Bending , Torsion Shaft Forced Synchronization of Mechanical , Multi Machine Combined Operation

FEATURES: All steel welded structure, stress relieved for high rigidity and stability.Torsion shaft forced synchronization of mechanical limit stopper balance,with high precision.Integrated hyrdraulic transmission system,large range of speed...

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Shearing Machine Shearing QC12Y 4x2000 32x3200
  • Modell: QC12Y 4x2000 32x3200
  • Transport: Ocean,Land,Air
  • Max. Shearing Thickness (mm): 4 Mm 4 Mm 4 Mm 4 Mm
  • Max.Shearing Width (mm): 2000 Mm 2500 Mm 3200 Mm 4000 Mm
  • Shearing Angle (°): 1°30′

Tag: Knife Beam is Smooth and Prompt , High Quality Gear Pump , Welded Frame Stress

FEATURES: Welded frame stress relived for reliabilityHydraulic drive, return of knife beam is smooth and prompt by accumulator or nitrogen cylinder Manual adjustable blade clearance Front and side safety guards Back gauge with two photo-electric...

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Großhandel Knee Type Milling Machine aus China, Sie suchen Billig Knee Type Milling Machine zu finden, wie niedriger Preis aber führender Hersteller. Nur finden hochwertige Marken auf Knee Type Milling Machine Fabrik produzieren, können Sie auch Feedback über das, was Sie wollen, dem Sparen beginnen und entdecken Sie unsere Knee Type Milling Machine , \ Wir werden antworten Ihnen in schnellsten.
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